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Embassy of Rwanda in The Hague, The Netherlands

The reason for the Embassy of Rwanda to hire Likizo Marketing is to increase the awareness of the country Rwanda and its diversity to consumers and to potential investors in The Netherlands and abroad through a communication strategy.

Extraordinary Travel in Capetown, South Africa
This organization, with extraordinary and exclusive holidays in Southern Africa, makes every trip tailor-made. The ‘exclusive touch’ is experienced during stays at a wine estate or at small B&B’s. Intimacy and originality are the main ingredients of the extraordinary experience.  Likizo Marketing advises with sales & marketing in the Benelux countries.

Travel2Share in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Travel journalist Aranka van der Pol started in August 2012 with a special adventure; she travelled on a (electronic) tuktuk from Amsterdam to the most Southern part of Europe to collect the ‘green initiatives’. VIP’s joined her during that trip, like the popular Dutch TV host Floortje Dessing, the Spanish minister for environment and a French producer of biologic wines, which stories were published on Travel2share.nl. Likizo Marketing advised and coordinated sponsor partnerships.


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Discover Rwanda magazine + app

This product (since it is more then just a paper magazine) consists of a high quality printed version and iPad app in Dutch (Ontdek Rwanda), the magazine and iPad version in English Discover Rwanda! (PDF) for the international world wide market; several smaller applications for iPhone. An overview of all the apps can be found on the website of the Embassy of Rwanda in the Netherlands.


Change expert and Al Gore climate leader Wassili Zafiris, marketing professional Willem Versteegh and travel journalist Aranka van der Pol give strategic advise and give seminars / workshops in the tourism industry. GreenSpeakers give the insights and tools on how the imminent environmental challenges open the doorway to innovative business. How can the environmental challenges we face be the source of our deepest motivation? 
 How do we fuel motivation in our staff and lead them to find innovation in the challenges?
 How do we communicate our sustainable vision towards the media and costumers in a genuine and profitable way? The GreenSpeakers connect the fundamentals of human nature and motivation to challenges of a global nature and surprise with new ideas and means in communicating a green vision. More information on the website of the GreenSpeakers.
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